Motor Racing - Formula One World Championship - Chinese Grand Prix - Race Day - Shanghai, China

Just a quick race report today. My buddy Alexander and I have been discussing and analyzing the first corner incident extensively. The bottom line is that Kimi saved Vettel a couple of times last year in similar situations. He backed off to save Vettel because Vettel was in front. And Vettel in the same situation today – well, he did not.

Kimi did run wide but was still in front. But Sebastian was pushing so hard to pass Kimi on the inside that replays shows he even lost his rear a bit and had to correct. Up comes Kvyat on the inside. Which is where Vettel should have braked hard to avoid contact. Kvyat saw a gap and went for it. Not much to criticize there. He may have gone in too hot that would have gotten him in danger of contact with Kimi as well if Vettel hadn’t been there. But hard to say. Which is apparent from Arrivabenes statement as well. He practically exonerated Kvyat and with that is actually implying that Vettel was the man that should have been smarter.

And Vettel shows that he knows it all too well by his actions. Apologizing on the radio. Desperately trying to blame Kvyat on the radio and in front of the cameras. I am not impressed. And I doubt Kimi is either. I hope Vettel gets it thoroughly in debriefing.


Motor Racing - Formula One World Championship - Chinese Grand Prix - Race Day - Shanghai, ChinaHaving said that, Kimi made a stellar recovery. He was dead last twice and still finished 5th. After the crash he was 22nd. And after his second stop he was dead last as well. And it’s not like that there were any free places given away by retirements. All 22 cars finished. Which amazingly is only the 6th time that has happened in Formula 1 since 1950. Thankfully, there was a safety car that helped him out a bit.

Highlights was Kimi passing Snot-ass like it was nothing. And people wanted Bottas to replace Kimi? Don’t make me laugh. And Kimi keeping Hamilton behind him like a boss. And when Kimi came up behind Hamilton towards the end of the race, he made minced meat of the poser. #Blessed

12974530_10209500359012782_9044594026729211174_nKimi jumps out of the car and we see Vettel desperately trying to explain his idiocy to Kimi. Kimi nods and keeps walking. Ain’t nobody got time fo that! I’ve had it with Vettel. Kimi has had the better of him so far this season. Even with Ferrari putting most of their efforts and support behind the German. And Vettel is feeling scared. And fear leads to anger. And anger leads to making ridiculous moves in the race. And that leads to suffering for the fans.

All right. I’m done. Bring on Russia.


Images ©Price, Batchelor/XPB Images
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  1. Lynn Carapella says:

    great summary soren. and the perfectly-timed photo says it all. the space besides vettel’s car is miles wide on both sides. ok so it was a racing incident but if blame is too be handed out it’s vettel’s fault. he’s feeling threatened by kimi’s pace and is making mistakes. happened at rbr with both webber and ricciardo. and we’ve predicted his ruthlessness could rear it’s ugly head with kimi once the iceman got back on form. i’m ok to give seb the benefit of the doubt this one time – even with all the unnecessary finger wagging at danil – but another move like today and we’re through. lol. -lynn ps: am i wrong or didn’t seb benefit more from the safety car because kimi had just pitted prior and seb hadn’t yet? also seb passed 2 cars on pit entry?

    • Soren says:

      Cheers Lynn. And thanks for leaving a comment 🙂 Seb looked pretty sheepish towards Kimi after the race. Let’s hope that means he will be extra cautious in similar situations.

      Seb might have gotten a little advantage from the SC, but not much. And the passing of the cars before pit entry was completely legit. And pretty brilliant too.

  2. Maggie Ruiz says:

    well said, Soren

  3. Jii Roikonen says:

    Brilliant analysis, Søren: the crash wasn´t anyone elses´s fault but Seb´s, who has started (among many other drivers there) to shiver watching how well the new Ferrari suits for Kimi 🙂 What do you think, Søren: what´re the main reasons for Kimi´s improved performance at this season; could it has anything to do with suspension change in the car?
    Thank´s very much for your blog; is´s always been highly entertaining to read it. (Everyone should read it to get know, what´s REALLY goin´on in F1.) It´s only fair that we Kimi-fans have had someone like you defending him during last few years against all kind of rubbish written of Kimi´s lost talent, mistakes etc. – even though we know that Kimi to those detractors a shit 🙂
    I hope for Kimi at least one more year, or two, with Ferrari. And also that you have time to write of them. Let the Kimi-force be with you!

    • Soren says:

      Thanks 🙂 Yes, the change from pull-rod to using push-rod in 2016 is definitely one of the reasons that Kimi looks stronger in the car. He seems to be able to trust the front a lot more and can more easily manipulate the rear in corners as he likes to do. When Kimi has that between his hands, then look out. Let’s hope the car keeps staying to his liking.
      Stay icy.

  4. A41202813GMAIL says:

    I Like ICE – He Made My Day In JAPAN 2012.

    This Is Not Addressed To Him, Whatsoever, But To All fanboys Who Can Find No Way Of Praising Their Own Heroes Without Cutting The Heads Of The Competition, First.

    Who Is A Poser, Now ?

    GO, 44 !

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