Dati e Kimi
Translated with the help of Claudio Acquista and Margherita Turdolina

by Leo Turrini

Yesterday, Kimi came back home

It doesn’t happen to everyone, eh?

As you may know; In the historic headquarters of Ferrari, there are dedicated avenues and lanes, with a lot of official titling to the drivers who have won the F1 world championship with the “Reds”. And to be clear, there is still no “Alonso avenue”.

But yesterday, on Thursday, he suddenly materialized on “Räikkönen street”. The nameholder of the road – Kimi, himself.

After almost four years, he is back in Maranello.

As the legend goes, the West is stronger than the truth, and when he entered the gates, the Blonde proclaimed: “I’m finally back home.”

But come on. Even though this isn’t true, it is likely. And therefore wonderful.

Leo Turrini

Leo Turrini

The purpose of the visit? Formalities, procedures, seat measurements. A look at the turbo engine. And greetings to old friends from the first time around. As well as meetings with important people. Wow.

“I wonder if you’ll find me again”, as Gianni Togni (*an Italian ’80’s singer) sang when I was 20 years old.

Well, they found each other again.

I celebrated by drinking vodka in the company of Vice Nume Odin (Nume is the title that Leo has been given by his followers) and the ultimate “cloggaro”, johnny99. (cloggaro is the name that Leo gives to the faithful followers of his blog)

May fate smile to us, Kimi.

PS. However, if the unthinkable happens in 2014, 2007 style, we will go to Räikkönen Square! But for me, even the eventual opening of “Alonso avenue” would be nice, eh?

Source: http://blog.quotidiano.net/turrini/2013/11/08/ieri-kimi-e-tornato-a-casa/

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  1. Pete Braun says:

    Rule changes, like the ones looming for next year, due favor the bigger teams with more resources. This could bode well for the Iceman.

  2. kimifan100 says:

    God knows when it was I read such kind words the last time… Dear Mr. Turrini let us hope Kimi will really find the place where he belongs… Thanks for your support in advance!

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