Here follows a crucial piece of information from behind the scenes. Vital for the return of Kimi to Ferrari. Translated into english by a friend from the land of a thousand lakes.


MTV3 Tulosruutu (Sport Broadcast): Kimi Räikkönen demanded an apology from Ferrari boss – and he got it!

12.09.2013 7:39 | Formula 1 |

The return of Kimi Räikkönen to Ferrari has been widely interpreted among Italians that Kimis sacking in 2009 was a big mistake.

On Wednesday evening, MTV3 Tulosruutu revealed an interesting detail concerning the contract negotiations: Räikkönen demanded an apology from Luca di Montezemolo – and he got it!

– When it comes to the apology, I have understood that the concrete apology was a demand before continuing in the negotiations with Ferrari. And it was specifically from Montezemolo to Räikkönen in person, Oskari Saari said.

The bad blood between Räikkönen and di Montezemo could have, according to some information, even prevented the contract from happening. However, they now work together starting from next season.

– These things are now sealed up and put into the same pile along with all transgressions of the past because of the signature. They can now move forward, Saari said to Tulosruutu.

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  3. Pete Braun says:

    That is fantastic news. Now, we await 2014.

    • Soren says:

      Montezemelo proving to be a bigger man. And Kimi as well for letting bygones be bygones. Now we just need the team to pay specific attention to Kimis needs concerning the car. The fact that Allison and de Beer is there comforts me somewhat.

      • Linda Danton Vizor says:

        I think it was true justice for Kimi who never critised the team all through the icy times of 2008 and 2009 but in his head and heart knew exactly what was going on and why. Any other driver would of blabbed to the press and gained the sympathy vote, but not Kimi he just carried on and did his best on a car that they had stopped developing and got some fantastic results in 2009. With it all put behind them I really do hope Kimi gets fair treatment and is allowed to set up his car to his liking and really be given the opportunity to race, the results will follow.

      • Soren says:

        So true, Linda. Well said.
        And I agree wholeheartedly on the second part.

  4. Alex Taconis says:

    Thanks for posting this. I agree this is very welcome news. I like hearing that Kimi really stood up for himself and to Luca and I like seeing Luca being willing to put his ego and pride aside by apologizing and extending his hand to Kimi. I admit I’ve had my doubts about Luca’s leadership this year, esp. with the way he so publicly criticized Alonso, but this is a sign that he’s realizing that Ferrari needs strong leadership at every level and that it needs to start with him.

    • Alex Taconis says:

      Ah, I spoke to soon: wishful thinking on my part:

      There are many that are comparing Luca’s prodding of the drivers to way Enzo Ferrari used to push his drivers but the big difference is that Enzo did not do it publicly. Luca is starting to sound like a buffon and a particularly mean one at that. His comment about Massa (” I wanted a driver who would make me look back on Massa with regret”) is nasty, and for what? Felipe is leaving, so why kick him in the ass on the way out? Also the comments about Kimi’s “twin” performing so poorly in 2008: what is the purpose of that? He just apologized to Kimi for the way they treated him back then and then he throws a brick at him!? I think that Luca is showing very poor leadership. It’s a sign of insecurity when you need to put others down to make yourself look like you’re in charge. Frankly, it seems that Luca is trying to put the attention on everyone else to deflect the growing criticism of his management of the F1 team. Luca has done a fantastic job with the Ferrari road car division (except for the name “La Ferrari” – ugh!) but if I was on the Fiat board, I’d be seriously looking for someone to take Luca’s place at the head of F1.

  5. Alexei M says:

    It’s amazing how life can take many turns the other day… Kimi certainly has nothing to complain about his Lotus days. He got out of the E20 and E21 way more than the cars could really give. They are gentle with the tyres – but only if the driver knows how to do – but suffer from lack of speed.

  6. Alex Taconis says:

    Well it was wishful thinking on my part, Luca is up to his usual distasteful, pathetic attempts to be like the Great Man, Enzo and stir up his drivers:

    Except, there’s a huge difference between the way Enzo used to stir up his drivers and the way Luca is handling it: Enzo didn’t do it publicly! Luca’s trying to be like the great man, but instead, he just sounds like an insecure and rather mean bufoon, who needs to put other people down to feel like he’s the big man in charge.

    His swipe at Massa (“I wanted a driver who would make me look back on Massa with regret”) is nasty and for what? Filipe is leaving, why kick him on the way out? Only a total jerk would say something like that.

    And the comments about Kimi and his “twin” in 2008? He just apologized to Kimi for the way they treated him and then a few days later throws a brick at him?

    Luca’s showing himself to be a poor leader. Personally, I think he’s grasping at anything he can to deflect attention from his own poor leadership of the F1 team. Luca has done a fantastic job with the Ferrari road car division but if I was on the Fiat board, I’d be looking for someone else to take over Luca’s role for F1.

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