In my opinion, the best written piece so far on the Vettel/Webber Malaysia saga.

The Buxton Blog

Yep, you guessed it. It’s another opinion on the fallout from the Malaysian Grand Prix. I’ll be honest, I didn’t want to just blast something out in the immediate aftermath. I wanted to take the flights home to think about it.

I barely slept last night. Jetlag accounted for part of that. The rest was the final ten laps in Malaysia and, in particular, the podium ceremony, press conference and interviews that followed.

It was all just such a load of self-deprecating “woe is me” crap. Wasn’t it?

Three drivers, supposedly three of the greatest in the world, all looking genuinely miserable at the thought of being ranked as the best on their day, in their arena.

For me, none of them had any reason to be ashamed of their days or their results. But for the pantomime they played out post race in front of a global television audience…

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  1. Lynn Carapella says:

    love will buxton! he’s here in the states — was on speed channel now on nbc sports which has taken over coverage of F1 in america – doing a fine job i might add. haven’t read this yet – but can’t wait to dig in . i didn’t even know he had a blog! thanks for sharing…. peace out.

    • Nana says:

      Yes, I was pleasant surprised when I saw him there. I had no idea he had a blog either. I just finished reading it and I agree with Soren, the best piece written so far.

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