In the last race of 2007, 3 drivers were gunning for the championship. Lewis Hamilton with 107 points, Fernando Alonso with 103 points and the outsider Kimi Raikkonen with 100 points. During that season, some McLaren personnel had gotten hold of Ferraris intellectual property. Several hundred pages of inside information on their cars and also pit stop strategies.

Alonso was one of those persons who did everything he could to use this stolen Ferrari IP to his advantage. He had numerous text messages and mails going between him and Pedro de la Rosa and a couple of the engineers. Mostly about they should test Ferraris braking system. Experiment with their weight distribution and so on. This is quoted word by word in the transcripts from the hearings of that year.

Luckily, fate would have it that justice was served on that October day in Brazil. Kimi won the race and left his competition behind as Alonso did not have the pace and Hamilton was struck by a technical problem which was rare for the McLaren. So Kimi emerged as the world champion in his first year at Ferrari and the world rejoiced with him.

Fast forward to 2010. Its July and we are racing in Germany. Massa is leading the race and on his way to victory on the exact 1 year date of his horrible life threatening accident in Hungary. But Ferrari wants to bet on their Santander paid golden calf. And orders Massa to let Alonso pass him. Massa is understandably not happy about this but moves over and Alonso takes the win to the outrage of Formula 1 fans across the world. Team orders are forbidden and this was a team order. Perhaps its a silly rule, but rules are rules. As Schumacher learned when he passed Alonso on the last lap in Monaco after the SC had gone in.

Abu Dhabi 2010 – The Red Bull drivers have made their mistakes and had their technical DNFs. But they have been allowed to race fairly all along. Is it the smartest thing? Maybe not. Is it commendable? Absolutely. And good for the fans. But Alonso is leading Webber with 8 points and Vettel with 15 points. For Vettel to win the WDC, he has to win the race and Alonso can finish no higher than 5th.. But Alonso has been on the podium 7 times of the last 8 races, so chances are slim for Vettel to say the least.


We expected a Red Bull to be on pole. And Sebastian Vettel delivered as was expected. The surprise was McLaren being incredibly strong here. Their new rear wing seemed to finally have gotten hooked up properly. That is something they will be sure to bring with them into 2011. Hamilton got really close to getting pole position actually. 3/100 of a second. I believe those splits of a second were very crucial indeed.

An even bigger surprise was seeing Mark Webber qualify 5th. The one qualifying where he really needed to do well, he disappoints massively! Over half a second slower than his teammate. That is not good enough if you aspire to be champion. So he even had Button and more importantly – Alonso ahead of him. Getting past him during the race was a necessity.


Lights out and the final race of the season is on! Hamilton gets close to passing Vettel at turn 1 but decides to stay calm. Perhaps his recent first lap incidents are still fresh in his mind. Button gets a cracking start as well from 4th and actually passes Alonso. Webber stays 5th. So now – Alonso is world champion at this stage. But if Webber passes him, Vettel is champion. The excitement could be felt through the screen!

But what is this? Schumacher spins and Liuzzi seems to aim for Schumis head! No ones fault, but it looked pretty scary for a moment. I would imagine getting an F1 car lodged in your head would only be painful for a very short time. This calls out the safety car and some gamblers decide to use this opportunity to take their only pitstop. Among them are Petrov in the Renault and Rosberg in the Mercedes.

After some cleanup the SC goes in and the race resumes. No shakeup at the front but one would expect Webber in the best car to close the gap on Alonso. But he doesnt. Instead he decides to make an early pit stop. And here is where everything goes wrong for Ferrari. Anxious to stay ahead of Webber they pull Alonso in just a few laps later. And yes, he stays ahead of Webber but Ferrari seem to have completely forgotten about Petrov and Rosberg who have already made their pitstops. Alonso gets out just behind Petrov and Rosberg is still up ahead. Should be an easy match for the double champion, right? Wrong. Petrov is driving great and has no intention of paying any respect to the Spaniard.

Now we have the leader of the championship down in 11th while Vettel is up at the front where he has to be to win. Alonso has to pass both Petrov and Rosberg to get into 4th after the rest of the cars pit to win the WDC. It looks like no one is telling Petrov that Alonso is faster than him because he has no problems keeping the Ferrari behind him. He makes a half-hearted attempt at a pass but is no where near making it as Petrov had the racing line and Alonso has to cut across the track. No go.

Up at the front Hamilton pits on lap 23. Vettel goes into overdrive, clocks a fast one and pits the very next lap. The Red Bull team gets in a flawless pitstop and he emerges way ahead of Lewis who is now stuck behind Kubica who has no intention of pitting right away. Lewis is perplexed and asks his team how that was possible.

One by one the cars get their obligatory pitstops for fresh tires and there are still no passing attempts made by neither Hamilton or Alonso who are both stuck behind those bumble-bee Renaults. Button pits late but gets out behind Hamilton and Kubica. Kubica has had a rather good pace even when fighting with Hamilton. And when he finally pits on lap 46, even he makes it out in front of Alonso. So from needing a 4th place, Alonso is way down in 7th. The Red Bull team cant believe it, but does not give any info on this to Vettel during the race.

When Vettel crosses the line to win the Abu Dhabi GP, the team finally tells him the results. Vettel starts to cry over the team radio while thanking his team. Its a very emotional moment as I watch this amazing event unfold before my eyes. Red Bull were the moral winners. And now they are even the actual winners. Seb had his ups and downs this season but an amazing late season charge brought him the championship in the most deserving manner. Fantastic. The justice served here is palpable, one can almost touch it. And the victory scenes on the podium and among the team members of Red Bull are heart warming to see. Adrian Newey – you are a genius.

In the cool down lap after the race we get to see another nugget from Fernando Alonsos true nature:
He actually shakes his fist at Petrov. Unbelievable. The man has no boundaries. He may be a good driver, but he has a despicable character. The word is that he told the press after the race that Petrov defended well and so on. This is so typical of him. Damage control. Say the right thing to the press while being someone completely different. There is no honor in that. Shame on you Alonso. Shame on you! You did not deserve to win this year. Not one bit.

10 out of 10. It was poetic, it was beautiful, it was perfect, it was justice. Only Brazil 2007 beats this for me. A classic conclusion to an amazing season. I am glad I was wrong in my rhyming in the Korean GP review šŸ˜‰

Sebastian Vettel. What a drive and what a likeable fellow. Funny, charming and fast. Enjoy it Sebastian. Now you know how Kimi felt in 2007. Stellar drive. Calm and collected. A worthy champion.

Ferrari and Fernando. Honeymoon is over guys. Strategy blunder and poor driving by Fernando. Fate swung around and bit you in the ass. And I cant say anything else than I am enjoying every second of it. Hahaha! Nice going Dom and Monty. Zing! They must be heartbroken. Sometimes life is just sweet šŸ˜‰

I will once again congratulate Sebastian Vettel with being world champion. He is now the youngest world champion ever in F1. What a season this was. What a conclusion. You just couldnt make this stuff up. I am sure Ferrari will be a contender for the title next year. But from their behaviour this year, I hope that both McLaren and Red Bull will be there to complicate things for them. Possibly even Mercedes too.

I just want to thank Ferrari for paying Kimi 16 million euros this year to pay for his rallying fun so they could have Alonso. I hope it was worth it. Lol. Oh dearie me. Gloating IS fun. If you will excuse me, Im off to buy 2 cases of Red Bull. Cheers!

Soren says: Alonso you have lost the championship, team orders didn’t help! Can you confirm you understand this message?
(Okay. Actually Saif Sultan came up with that one :D)

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  1. Merin says:

    HAHAHAHA! Your post SO rubs it in , its simply perfect. Just like the race was. W00t! Woohoo! Vettel FTW!

    I miss f1 already.

  2. Karen says:

    Perfect race and perfect review omg I feel so mean but it was good to see Ferrari get there reward NO WDC …….. Fernando Alonso is not the
    perfect person he is just as vulnerable as Kimi was to your useless strategy calls and Kimi was generally a whole lot faster. Shame on Ferrari for losing faith in Kimi. Shame on Nsndo for well hmmm errrr being Nando a generally nasty whining B’tard

  3. Gaby says:

    Nothing to add D!!! Brilliant review šŸ™‚

  4. icegirljenni says:

    Brilliant race, perfect strategy from RBR. Beautiful drive from the young champion. Well deserve driver title as well as the team construction! Congratulation to Sebastian and RBR. Hope to see Vettel clinches the youngest double world champion. Bring it on 2011!!! RBR can do it!

  5. Shaurya says:

    Don’t have much to say… but just loved reading this.. especially the part about paying Kimi for rallying…

    I so wish Kimi returns next year.

  6. kimiraika1 says:

    everything i wanted too say is here:) thanks man

  7. Kinga says:

    Oh my, Soren!!! OH, MY GOD! I just can’t believe that justice actually prevailed. I’m almost as happy as I was in 2007. And I was almost as nervous… Haha
    Your preview is brilliant, nothing more to add! I laughed so hard at this part:
    It looks like no one is telling Petrov that Alonso is faster than him because he has no problems keeping the Ferrari behind him.

    And, yeah, shame on you, Ferrari. Shame on you, Fernando, you whining Spaniard. Shame on Domenicali and Montezemolo!!!!!!!!! Wooohoooo You all sooooo deserved it!!! *headbang*

    I’m so happy it hurts. Do you remember these words? :DD

  8. Kia says:

    I really like your review…money and sponsors don’t make a champion. Alonso doesn’t deserve anything, the same as Ferrari.
    GO VETTEL! Many Italians are with you!

  9. Yvonne says:

    Brilliant review, Soren, as always!! Thank you for taking the time after every race/ rally to write these, really appreciated!! =D
    Hoping to see you next year again!

  10. Abdullah Dadarkar says:


    I was wrong for thinking that Seb would be out come the last two races but he beat 4 quality drivers and hence totally deserves to be the WORLD CHAMP.

  11. bobbie says:

    thanks soren for a brilliant review…
    a well deserved win for vettel..he is a worthy champ…
    for all those alonso sour losers..better luck next time!!!

  12. iman says:

    i was so happy that Vettel won and Petrov made amazing job by holding Fernando! Very tense race since I was so upset with Ferrari replacing Kimi and I want Vettel/Webber to be the World Champ.
    If Kimi comes back, I hope he can kick Ferrari’s butt!

  13. Ash says:

    Thank you Sebastian! You took the revenge on behalf of our iceman! Woohooo!!!!

  14. Rave says:

    Excellent review .. loved every bit as I loved the race .. your reviews all season have been amazing .. and the Korean was truly rythmic šŸ™‚ ..

    Cant wait to see the Wales rally review .. a great end to the weekend

  15. ruthvin says:

    god waht a race . it was almost a replay of 2007 brazil. least tipped man wins under the nose of everyone else….
    Alonso has not only brought cash to Ferrari . but all the dirt and schmuck u could find. Ferrari’s image is tarnished completely…..
    TRULY the only diff between this race and that of 2007 was that KIMI our ICEMAN didnt cry after winning the championship.

    VETTEL told LAST YEAR itself that he wanted to do a KIMI and down button to win championship. WELL he got his chance this year and did it. what a guy.

  16. ruthvin says:

    for HEAVENS sake start a movement to get our ICEMAN BACK in F1

  17. mjher says:

    Perfect review Soren, and I wish Alonso is reading this hehehe… Vettel is a worthy Champion and he really is deserving of this award. Now we have to wait again for the coming season and hope that Kimi will return.

  18. Ida Hasnan says:

    Oh dear SOREN!!! Perfect Review from you again, and perfect race to end the season.. CONGRATS SEB FOR BEING THE YOUNGEST ONE TO WIN WDC!!! YEAHHHH, THANK YOU FOR PAYING REVENGE FOR OUR KIMI’S BEHALF!! YOU ROCK SEB!!!!!!!!! šŸ™‚

    Thank you Soren for wonderful wonderful review for every race’s end!! I will miss your write up!!!


    ps: its sad that F1 2010 is coming to its end.. šŸ˜¦

  19. Vic says:

    Excellent review…and that’s coming from a Ferrari fan. Fernando was unworthy, Sebastian totally deserved it not only for his roller coaster ride, but for their fair play. It’s nice to know true sportsmanship is still rewarded.

  20. Anita Cameron says:

    You gotta love it when karma turns around and bites bushy-brows in his team-ordered ass!!!! Congrats to Vettel, I cried with him on his victory lap, he deserved the win, the championship and everything that goes with it. I especially like the fact that he took all Alonso’s “youngest” titles away from him and there is nothing Ferrari or Alonso can do about that!

  21. Laffen says:

    I watched the race with a good hunch something plesant was going to take place, -it did, and even more so!
    Vettel finally getting everything right, by sqeezing that RB like a lemon, getting every single drop out of it, and Ferrari doing a brilliant tactical job, was luckily enough to make things right at the very end. By the snatch of the title in the last our, Vettel secured the honour of being “the youngest F1 champ of all times”, stole back a rotten title from Alonso (like Robin Hood I would say), and left Ferrari in disgrace. So now Hamilton is no longer the youngest champ (quite fine with me), and Alonso; -you couldn`t copy Kimi and Huan Fangio, the only two managing to win the title for Ferrari in their first season. Sorry, Alonso, you are good, but not THAT good! šŸ˜‰ I found a brilliant description of the situation somewhere: šŸ˜‰

    “I just want to thank Ferrari for paying Kimi 16 million euros this year to pay for his rallying fun so they could have Alonso. I hope it was worth it.”

    HAHA! šŸ™‚

    I will read this review a few more times, just to enjoy my good mood!


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