Here follows the review I wrote on a high after Kimis win at Spa in 2009. As you can probably tell, the picture above is CGI. I chose it because his win was so unreal. Almost cartoonish. And no one but the Iceman could have pulled it off.

August 31st, 2009
Man oh man! Where to begin?? I am still ecstatic. I am so thrilled and happy for Kimi. What a drive. What a race. No one, but no one could have won in that car but Kimi. The Force India, the Red Bull, the BMW was quicker. And the list goes on. He just made that car look pretty fast. And he made Spa and everyone there his bitch. Fisi, Flavio, Brundle, DC, Alonso, Stefano, Mallya, Jordan, Lewis – everyone! Lol

It didnt go exactly as my Spa fantasy, but pretty close:
At least Nicole stopped jumping on lap 1 😀

I feel like a spell has been broken. 1 year and 4 months from when he won in Barcelona 2008. Spa was Kimis 18th win. I remember when things started to go sour last year, someone said that 17 is an unlucky number in Italy. Silly i know, but looking at last year and this year it almost felt like it. But I do feel so relieved. He deserved it 110%. It was a fight from start to finish. No exaggeration there.

The Force India was crazy fast. A lot faster than the Ferrari. But Kimi won the race on the first lap and on the run down to Eau Rouge after the safety car. It was beautiful. It was like a movie. It was choreographed. It was poetry.

Of course he also won by keeping Fisi at bay throughout the race. I cant remember ever seeing such a battle between number 1 and 2 lasting the entire race. They even made both their pitstops on the same lap! I was about ready to go into a coma during those stops. But no hangups, no mistakes from the Ferrari team today. What an excellent performance by them as well.

Not to toot my own horn but the start went exactly as I had predicted. The odd factor was Rubens stalling on the grid which Kimi avoided with lightning reactions. 1 down – 4 to go.
He dives into La Source on the outside of Heidfeld and Trulli. Goes wide to avoid a tangle. Gives the F60 some KERS lovin’ down the run to Eau Rouge. Bye bye. 3 down – 2 to go.

This gets him right up behind Kubica at Eau Rouge. He just manages to dispose of him at Les Combes. He braked very late and had to go a little wide just over the grass. This made Kubica get right up on the back of Kimis car – nudging him. The suspense nearly killed me at this point, but Kimi cleared him masterfully. Probably his best and hardest overtake in the race. 4 down – 1 to go.

Now mayhem breaks out behind as Lewis, Button, Grosjean and Alguersuari crashes out. And this is where Kimi has a stroke of good luck. We will never know of course, but judging by the pace of the Force India, Fisichella would hypothetically have been able to make a big enough gap during the next lap to avoid Kimi getting close enough to pass him. But instead the safety car comes out for 3 laps and bunches up the field.

When the safety car pits, Kimi is right on Fisichellas tail through the last chicane and La Source. He gets a fantastic run down to Eau Rouge. He is now carrying so much speed from his awesomeness, that he has to lift off the throttle to not run into the back of him. Fisi defends but Kimi jerks the car left on the Kemmel straight at 320 km/h and passes him on the outside before Les Combes. YES!!
Calm female voice: “Thank you for watching the Iceman channel. You have just witnessed true greatness. Remember to keep flying the Icy skies.”

At this point and being incredibly high on endorphins, I expected Kimi to pull away with a great margin. But I was quickly brought back to reality when I was painfully reminded of the F60s flaws. The Force India could not be shaken and Kimi had to drive all out for the duration of the race. Which only makes his win that more impressive.
As I said – a battle for the win from start to finish. Incredible stuff. But Kimi had the edge. And he had a great and flawless team behind him. Impressive pit stops by the Scuderia.

There is not much else to say. Spa is the circuit of circuits. And the Iceman reigns supreme. He is the only driver in the current grid who has won there. And won 4 times. Today he OWNED them all!
This win rivals his fantastic win in 2004 at Spa. It was an unlikely victory back then, but the McLaren was very fast under those conditions. Again – he not only won, but he did it with a car that doesnt really belong on the podium.

This is one for the history books people. Fisi was yet again made Kimis bitch on the outside of a corner. Just like Suzuka 2005. Kimi – you are a legend.

Gaby and Lionel from our group were there to see it. Maybe others? They have to be Kimis ultimate luck bringers 🙂 I am truly envious. However, I will travel to Monza in less than 2 weeks. I only hope to see Kimi do a great race there too. But as a power track, I predict it will be won by a car with a Mercedes engine as it is the best power plant at the moment. Judging from Spa, the Force India should be just as strong there as they seem to get the car working great with a low downforce configuration. But another podium for Kimi? Why not 😀

Keep flying Raikkos! Kimi already is. Thank you Kimi – for an eyecandy thrillride. RAI RAI!!!


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