Due to vacation time and moving to a new place I had to prioritize the Bulgarian rally review. However, the British GP was an interesting one for several reasons. So I just have to touch on the main points in an ultra short review. I apologize for its lateness, but after all there is still about a week to go until the German GP 😉

Sebastian Vettel was the man everybody expected to win. But a bad start from pole got him in a position where he suffered a puncture. He just barely grazed Hamiltons frontwing – and that apparently was enough:
Result: To the back of the grid with a mountain of work to do.

Fernando Alonso was another man who had a poor start. From starting 3rd he bogs down in 6th behind Massa. A touch between the two gives Massa a puncture and now Massa is sent to the back of the grid. Alonso eventually settles in 5th stuck behind Kubica which later brings on another controversy involving the Spaniard.

Lewis Hamilton started 4th. He was really happy with his qualifying lap suggesting that the McLaren car struggled around Silverstone considering how badly Button qualified. But he capitalizes on Vettels puncture and Alonsos bad start and is on Webbers tail trying to find a way past. Mark Webber gets into his rhythm and starts to pull away. But its a fight to the end as explained by the drivers after the race.

Jenson Button had a horrid qualifying and started from 14th position. But what an incredible first lap! One of the best I have seen in years. Just look at this onboard here:
Classic stuff.

A surprise this weekend was seeing the Williams of Barrichello qualifying in 8th position. We had gotten used to Williams being the slowest of the established teams. However, he is running in 6th place after benefiting from the two punctures of Vettel and Massa. Nice to see them making progress. In the end he finishes a strong 5th after Alonsos ordeal.

Kobayashi qualified in 12th while his teammate de la Rosa got into Q3 for the first time this season. It didnt matter much for the Spaniard as the Sauber started coming apart during the race and he had to retire half-way through.
Kamui does a fantastic first lap. Passes cars and settles in 8th place after a few laps. The retirement of Kubica and Alonsos penalty eventually bumps him up to 6th.

Several actually. But here are the three that stand out the most.

Jenson Button is my first choice. Started 14th, amazing first lap and steady drive. Finished 4th. Nuff said.

Sebastian Vettel had a horrible start with the puncture. But he fought back from 24th to 7th. I had not seen such a drive from him before and I had started to question his racecraft. I was actually waiting for him to prove himself. And he did. Brilliant overtaking maneuvre on Schumacher for instance. He had to muscle his way past Sutil on the last lap. A bit on the edge, but rubbing is racing, right?

And of course Kamui Kobayashi. Two amazing races in a row. Drove the Sauber from 12th to 6th. The car likes fast corners so that helps on Silverstone. But I consider this an even stronger performance than the great spectacle in Valencia. Well done.

There is just no getting around Alonso this race either. First a horrible start. Then he gets impatient behind Kubica and cuts a corner to pass him. That is simply not allowed so the penalty is just. No question about it. What was unlucky for him was the safety car caused by de la Rosas debris. That sent him way down the order. But its like that sometimes. Besides, if he had been smart he would have given Kubica the position back right away and none of that would have happened. So he only has himself to blame.

Hearing him say “Dont talk to me for the rest of the race” over the team radio says a lot:
As Eddie jordan put it: “Ferrari paid a lot of money for Alonso and he has a big responsibility to bring Ferrari to the next level and he is not doing that.” Martin Brundle is convinced that it was Alonso who stopped Kubica going to Ferrari. A shame since it seems it could only get better. The result on Sunday was Ferraris worst since 1978. Yes, 1978..

Mark Webber also stands out. Not because of his driving. That was faultless. A controlled drive keeping Hamilton at bay. So a well deserved win. What was completely ridiculous and unnecessary was his jab over the team radio after the race. “Not bad for a number 2 driver, eh?” Why does he feel the need to air the teams laundry in public like that? It is undermining and detrimental to the team. If a driver has an issue, he takes it up behind closed doors. Now millions of people heard more proof of the disharmony within the team. Im sure big boss Mateschitz is not a fan of bad press. (Unless he believes that all press is good press.)

A similar thing happened after the Turkey incident. 
Webber urged reporters to “dig deeper”. Now that doesnt sound like a team player to me. Sounds like he is trying to sway the press on his side. But that will never work in the long run if you plan to be inside a team for long.

7 out of 10. Very entertaining. The changes to the circuit made overtaking somewhat possible compared to practically impossible before. A great fightback from Vettel and plenty of action and some controversial incidents kept me interested from start to finish. Safety car spiked things up as well.

Allright, it was short but hopefully sweet.
Soren says: Software piracy is illegal. But so is mugging old ladies. Supporting piracy saves you money and prevents the mugging of old ladies.

Take care now.

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  1. Lynn says:

    another sweet review. thanks! agree with all points made but for webber’s airing of smelly stinky laundry. if you consider ALL things i think his jab on the radio was FOR the team not against it. the demand to gift his upgraded front wing to vettel was a smack in the face direct from austria and webber’s lip biting at the quali press conference is something to be applauded. horner knows it so does newey. i don’t think they take too kindly to having to bow down to orders from the top when they seem to be doing a great job without that sort of interference. in the end vettel screws up the start with the improved wing and webber capitalizes because of and ins pite of vettel’s favoritism. you only have to listen to horner reply on the wiretap to know he’s behind BOTH of his drivers. one last thing, since the dust has settled (or vetteled!) since turkey mark has shown his mental strength against vettel’s impetuousness. with a little more maturity vettel’s a champion for sure but not just yet.

    • Cheers Lynn.
      Perhaps you are right. Maybe it was for the team. But the way it was picked up on by most people and the press is that it was something negative. So either way, I think it was damaging to an team that was already in the spotlight because of this. Saying something like that when you know its a hot topic is not smart in my opinion.
      Yes, Webber did some lip biting in the press con after quali. But not completely. He couldnt help let a little jab out by saying “They are happy with the result today I am sure.” Something that was quickly picked up on by everyone there.
      Besides, if Red Bull wants to favor one of their drivers, that is their decision. Its not like they are responsible to live after what the press or fans think they should do or not do.
      But yea, I dont know about Vettel yet either. He cannot afford any more mistakes or technical problems. And that may be a tall order.

  2. dina says:

    how did you forget Rosberg he did a great job 3rd a push Mercedes GP

    • You are absolutely right Dina. Shame on me 😦 Thats what happens when I rush things.. Rosberg certainly deserved a mention! He has been most impressive this season.

  3. Missed the race…so this helped!
    Thank you.:)

  4. Kenneth says:

    Hei Søren
    Løpshelgen er liksom ikke helt over før man har fått lest review´n din. Da får man litt mer innsikt og bakgrunnsstoff på ting som skjedde. Så nå er den britiske løpshelgen over for meg 🙂
    Får håpe Kimi kommer tilbake snart slik at F1 blir førsteprioritert igjen 🙂
    Ha en usedvanelig god helg, Søren.
    Jeg er kjempetakknemlig for den jobben du gjør her.

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