Hello subscribers and readers. I am going to move outside the main theme of this blog and post something completely unrelated to F1. Why? Well, it’s off-season isn’t it? Besides, this is too good to miss. When you start to read the following you could either dismiss what I write after a few paragraphs or you can give me the benefit of the doubt and keep reading until the end. I assure you – it will be worth your while.

Be reminded that this is not some generic automated email in your inbox promising to enlarge your index finger in no time, in case you have Vettel-envy. This is written by a real person (me, Soren) with an everyday life like yourself and who will gladly and unashamedly put his name at the bottom of this page and stand for every single word.

The purpose of this post, is to give my fellow F1 fans a chance to catch a ride on a viral tornado. And reap some fantastic benefits by doing so. But I have to explain it to you properly. For you guys with a limited attention-span, here is the ultra-short version:

A new quiz app called Mowjow is about to be launched. It will be unique on the market because people can play for free but also have the possibility to win real cash prizes. Another unique feature is that when a player share the game and other people start playing, the player will receive a kickback in the shape of cash. Which is what Mowjow calls Social Rewards.
The first 100.000 people that register to play the game will get a so-called early-bird package. They (meaning you) have the opportunity to reap great financial benefits by being placed early in the Mowjow social rewards system. Everything has been cleared with the necessary authorities and game launch is imminent.

That was the very compressed version. To fully understand how this is possible and what simple steps you have to take, you really have to read on. This is no joke. It’s just a very different way of marketing a game than what people are used to. Below is a fun promo for the upcoming game. You will have to excuse the two women there. It’s a little twist made to make the promotion stand out ;)

All right. Here are the necessary details: I have recently become a shareholder in a mobile gaming company called Mowjow. They are about to launch their new skill based quiz-game by the same name. Mowjow PLC is a London based holding company with an operations base in Malta and other strategic places. The founder and CEO is Norwegian and lives in a neighboring town to mine. More details on that later. I will start with sharing what will be a first on the mobile gaming scene.

Why am I telling you this? I am not trying to convince you into investing in the company. And it’s not because I want to force you to try a new game. And I am not going to ask you for a lot of money. So just relax and bear with me.


“Okay then. A quiz game you say? That is not exactly new.”
Well, no. There are other quiz games out there. However, Mowjow has some features that make it really stand out. And those features are not only special, they are unique. As in: no other game on the mobile market has them.

What are these unique features then? For starters, it is the first quiz app where players can win cash prizes. Yes, real money. Without it being gambling. It will be a one of a kind game once it is launched.
I can hear you thinking: “Oh, now I get it! He wants me to play the game and put in some money and boost the revenue.” Nope. Sorry. That is not the target of my post. It is a lot better than that. Keep reading.


Yes, players can win money. But the important part is that Mowjow is not classified as a gambling game. Simply because the quiz is based on skill, not chance. And because there is a fixed fee for a game round: 1 euro. You can also play the game for free like any other game of course. The reward for winning free games is fun, pride and glory. 1 euro opens up for cash prizes as well. One game round is 10 people and 10 questions. The goal is simply to answer as fast and correct as possible.


You know how a game like Draw Something reaches 35 million users in practically no time? If the game is good and captivating, people start playing and invite their friends to join in and compete. And then some of those friends do the same and some of those friends again. Through social media, the game takes on a life of its own and almost becomes a living thing that expands and spreads practically on its own. And this viral nature is exactly what Mowjow is targeting to use to its advantage. Both for its own benefit but also for its players.


That leads me to the second unique and very exciting feature of the Mowjow game. This is where it gets really interesting. It has a built-in viral mechanism that is going to help it spread rapidly. A trump card that will benefit both company and player. And it aims to do so through what Mowjow calls Social Rewards. Allow me to explain and it will all become clear.

Mowjow will not market their game on App Store or Google Play. That is actually a very costly affair that can take up to 30% of the revenue (income) generated from a game. Mowjow has flipped it around and said that they will instead use 30% of their income and pay it back to their players in kickbacks for sharing the game. Or Social Rewards which is the terminology here. So this concept replaces App Store and instead you get the money for spreading it! You get rewarded and so does Mowjow from the constant adding of new players. Call it symbiotic.

“But these rewards are surely just pocket change?” That’s where you are wrong. I will get to that. Anyway, social rewards is a great incentive and motivation for players to keep playing and sharing the game. Genius in its simplicity. Mowjow will also use 50% of their income solely for cash prizes. That is a combined 80% of their total income back to the users of the game! Something that is completely unheard of in this market.

Here is a picture of the Social Rewards model:


This is called a social circle in Mowjow terms. It could just as well be a typical model of how something is spread via social media today. Be it a video, webpage or a game. You share the content and then some of your friends do the same and their friends likewise. Once it gets a little beyond you, the content is being shared by people you have never met and it has taken on a life of its own and spreads independantly of your effort. It goes viral as they say. Share it with more people and it expands even faster.

“So how does this Social Rewards system work? Is it some kind of pyramid or MLM thingy?” No, absolutely not. First of all that would be illegal in several countries and Mowjow targets a very large global player base. Second, the opportunities are equal for everyone. Third, it doesn’t go on forever. There are more reasons as well. But rest assured, the model is very legit.


The Mowjow Social Rewards system will pay you back for all the income generated in 6 levels out from you. The picture above shows a maxed out social circle. There are 1092 players in total in a full social circle. For each active player in your social circle, you are guaranteed a minimum income of 1 euro every month. Not all players will be defined as active. The definition of an active player is a player that plays the game at least 10 times a month for cash prizes.

To win prizes they pay 10 euros for which they get 10 game tickets. The game tickets have a validity of 30 days. That will also be a motivation to use them and thus further spreading the game. In reality, 10 games a month is not a lot. Plenty of people will easily play that frequent within a week. And if they play more, you earn more in social rewards. And once they start to get social rewards too, they can also use some of that to play for. It really is brilliant. There is a huge big pie out there and we just need a little slice to see great results.

“Oh, but I don’t really spend money on games so I don’t see the point.” Well, then you are missing the point. Maybe you don’t spend money, but millions of people do! I mean, people pay money to get to the next levels in games with no prizes and they pay to buy stuff for their virtual pets! So of course people will do the same in a game of this caliber. When they actually stand to gain something tangible and real from it. And not just some virtual sheep or whatever. Come on now.

Let’s be very cautious and say that 10% are active players in your social circle of 1092. I think it will be more, but lets just say 10% for the sake of the argument. That is still a minimum of about 110 euros into your Mowjow account every month. These funds can be withdrawn to your own bank account at anytime. You can use them to play the game as well. Not too bad for just sharing and having some fun playing a social game. In fact – it’s pretty darn cool. It gets better than that though..

Now we come to the part that involves you, the reader. The game is about to have its world premiere. The target is to launch during January/February. So only a few weeks away. The owners and shareholders are naturally interested in getting the game off to a great start. So Mowjow has come up with something called an “Early-bird package”. There are only roughly 100.000 of these packages available. And the advantage of being an early-bird are truly amazing. It’s a chance to get in before the game is launched and reap the rewards from thousands and thousands of players joining after the game is released. Let me fill you in. This is the good stuff.

Remember the social circle above. The early-birds are not only getting the chance of filling one of those. No sir. They get 10 more. So 11 of these social circles to fill up with players! And believe me, they will be filled. Some faster than others but they will. In the manner I explained earlier. You start sharing and playing a fun quiz game and the power of social media will do a lot of the work for you.

11 social circles are roughly 12.000 people once they are maxed out. Like I said, each of those are a potential income. This is where it gets really exciting. The example with just 10% active users will roughly generate a minimum of 1200 euros every month. It will certainly be a welcome and hefty boost in my monthly income!

And remember, free players can upgrade their account to an active one at any time. And many will, once they see how captivating the game is. Especially when they win a round and they are informed that they could have won 100 or 1000 euros just like that if they had been an active player.

This picture shows what the frequency of the prizes will be with 1 million active users (MAU) per month. Mowjow estimates reaching that number of players during 2014. The prizes will gradually get higher and higher as players are joining. A conservative estimate is that the top prize at game launch will quickly rise to 100.000 euro within the first few months. The smaller cash prizes will be frequent which in turn creates an exiting and rewarding experience for the players.

Some of you might be thinking that this is too good to be true. I am sorry to “disappoint” you, but this is happening. You are simply getting this chance because I happen to be a shareholder and you happen to be a reader of my blog. Life is funny that way sometimes. And if I can bring something fantastic into my reader base which we both can enjoy, then why the heck not. As I said before, I stand behind every word that I write here.

“So what do I have to do?”, you say? Well, the entrance into this amazing opportunity is just 20 euros. A very very low threshold to get to be a part of what Mowjow calls “The Next Storm”. Because this game is going to make some waves. But that is the deal. Mowjow wanted something really good and really attractive to propel the spread. For that amount you get placed as one of the first players in the social rewards system. That is an incredibly favorable position no matter how you look at it.

And those 20 euros also gives you 20 game tickets. So it’s really a win-win. You can play the game unlimited for free to earn bragging rights over your friends and you can play the game 20 times with the chance of winning money. The more you play, the more the game is spread and the more social reward income you will generate for yourself.

What’s in it for me? Well, I am going to be an early-bird just like you. And I obviously want the game to be played by as many people as possible, because the company will be worth more. But unlike other games out there, we can mutually benefit from the success of the game here! And to me that is truly fantastic. Have you ever gotten money from sending out your Candy Crush or other game invites? Didn’t think so. Isn’t it awesome that you now can? Here is a promo video that gives a short and sweet explanation of the Early-bird special:

Give it a couple of months, play and share the game and you will start to see money coming in that you have no idea where is coming from. Small amounts at first but increasing as the game is spread. It has already started happening to me. That is just from the registration of all the shareholders. And we have hardly begun yet! Let me tell you, it is a very nice feeling.

It’s always easy to look at a success and say: “Gee, I should have been in on that.” Because by then it is already a success. But the truth is, if that opportunity came around in its infancy, many people would pass because they don’t want to take any risks. But I dare say that the price and risk of getting in on this is ridiculously low! So this is appealing even to you safety blanket types.


If you are the slightest bit interested in this, (and you really ought to be on the edge of your seat here), then send me an email that says you want to be a Mowjow early-bird!

Send it to

I prefer if you use that method. But if it poses any difficulty, you can also use the contact form below.

I will then add you to my mailing list and send you a link to a demo round of the game so you can try it out. But there has already been a lot of info here so I will save that for the people that wants to be an early-bird.

When public pre-registration opens, you will receive an email from me with the link for registration. That will direct you to the Mowjow site which you will connect with your social media account of your choice. Don’t worry. You decide how, when and in what manner you will share and invite.

UPDATE: Pre-registration for early-birds has opened! And as I have explained, it is by invitation only. So send me an email at as soon as possible and I will send you the link for registration. Secure your position in the rewards system now. The earlier the better :)

When you purchase the early-bird package at 20 euros, you will have locked in your position in the social rewards system! You will get your own personal and unique Mowjow link which is the one that you share and invite people to come and play the quiz with you. And the one you share with people who want to pre-register and get the same early-bird offer as you.


I recommend that you to get your friends and family in on this amazing opportunity! As I said, the early-bird special is limited. Feel free to link to this page here if you find it hard to explain it to them. If you can use what I have written here as an assistance in any way, then please do. I will edit the text here after a while so that you can send them your personal Mowjow invite link along with the link to this page. Once the game is launched, you don’t need to explain much. Just play and invite people to compete with you. The game will do most of the work and folks will experience the fun and see the benefits themselves.

I hope you are just a fraction as excited as I am. Not many chances like this comes by in a lifetime, if any. I hope you grab it with both hands. Like I said before, there is hardly anything to lose but everything to gain.

If you want to know more about the company and the concept, watch this brilliant presentation. It’s 10 minutes but very good if you want additional info. You get to see a couple of the guys in the team. Melanie from Corporate Coms, Andreas Christensen, Founder and CEO. Matthew, Chief Revenue Officer. And Arne Haaje, Chief Technology Officer – aka Dr. Linux. There are only a handful of people on the planet that have the same extensive knowledge in Linux as Mr. Haaje. He has led the team in charge of the Social rewards system.


There are exciting times ahead! Get your mowjow ready ;)
And happy new year!


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